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  • What is a SDMS (Scientific Data Management System)?

    A Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) is a software used for data management of structured and unstructured scientific data captured from laboratory applications such as LIMS and ELN as well as laboratory instruments.

    scientific data management system

    The SDMS captures, catalogues and archives the data in one place this ensures data integrity and compliance with data being captured and stored in one place.

    A SDMS has a full audit trail of all data form whatever source it has come from.

    Having all scientific data stored in one place makes searching and analysing data fast, dependable and accurate.

    A SDMS allows for data to be viewed outside the laboratory instrument or application it originated from.

    Data from laboratory instruments stored on an SDMS prevent data having to be kept on a paper copy or tied to the original device.

    Raw data from laboratory instruments can be captured within the SDMS, and version controlled.