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  • What is a LES (Laboratory Execution System)?

    A Laboratory Execution System (LES) is a software application using workflows taking the analyst through testing procedures step by step and ensuring work instructions are being followed.

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    A LES ensures consistency of testing in the laboratory.

    Full audit trails allow to track all actions taken and are easily accessible.

    A LES can be used in conjunction with systems such as LIMS, ELN & SDMS.

    Instrument integration to a LES reduces translation errors by capturing data directly from laboratory instruments.

    Implementing a LES in the laboratory reduces the quantity of paper used in the laboratory.

    A double check by a reviewer can be put into the method execution workflow at any step.

    Methods can contain illustrations and videos to clearly explain how to execute laboratory procedures.

    The LES can display hazard warnings and safety procedures.

    The LES can be used as part of an analysts training to walk through method execution step by step.

    A LES improves efficiency and productivity by ensuring that procedures are being followed, minimizing the risk of errors and omissions.