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    We can write all the key documents of your projects:

    • User requirements
    • Specifications
    • User manual
    • Etc.
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    SoftNLabs can be of assistance
    by constructing or reviewing the following:

    User Requirements Specification

    User Requirements Specification

    The user requirements specification sets out the requirements of the system for business use of the end user.

    A user requirement specification should include:

    • the functions and workflows the system should be able to perform.
    • the types of data that the system should be able to process.
    Functional Specification
    Functional Specification

    Functional Specification

    The functional specification documents the operational and activities that the system is required to perform.

    The functional specification can be combined with the user requirements specifications for less complicated systems.

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    Design Specification

    Design Specification

    The design specification describes how the system performs the requirements outlined in the functional / user specifications.

    The design specification should include:

    • the technical measures taken to ensure the system is secure
    • any code / calculations used to achieve the defined requirements
    • inputs entered into the system, including data types
    • all outputs that are generated by the system
    • how the system meets any applicable regulatory requirements