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  • What is a Data Hub?

    A Data Hub is software solution automating data capture, data management, data transfer and sharing between third party systems to facilitate systems integration. Harmonizing and enriching with metadata to enable advanced searching and data analytics.

    scientific data management system

    There are ever-increasing amounts of complex and often siloed scientific data to manage.
    A Data Hub captures, harmonizes and enriches data from numerous sources into a single platform.

    Data Hub advantages:

    • Integrates with instruments, software applications, data analytics tools, etc.
    • Reduces the risk of manual data transfer errors
    • Improves data integrity, reliability, and traceability
    • Saves time on transforming raw data into more readily used formats
    • Speeds up data searches with a centralized, open vendor-agnostic data format
    • Reduce the risk of data loss by not having to manage data across multiple sources
    • Able to manage large and increasing amounts of scientific data in a secure and compliant environment
    • Automate and manage data throughout its lifecycle
    • Use automated data capture to drive an intelligent, effective and efficient management of the lab
    • Improve external data collaboration by harmonizing and transforming data from external partners
    • Supports 21 CFR part 11, GXP, etc.